Verboten 1

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Video Description: Newcomer Dominic Sol and Latin stud Rodrigo De Leon stretch their oral limits as they take on two of the biggest cocks ever to enter the Verboten Sex Club; Tyler Saint and Josh West. Saint and West free De Leon from a cage and feed him their enormous cocks. De Leon does his best to take both tools - almost two feet of hard cock - into his mouth at once. Tied up nearby, Sol demands some of the cocksucking action. Saint releases him and fills his throat with cock. Meanwhile West has turned De Leon over and buried his 12-incher in his hole. Saint and Sol soon follow their lead, with Sol pushing his ass back farther and farther on Saint's hard cock. The tops take total control, contorting the willing bottoms into their favorite positions, then switch places. It's West's fat rod up Sol's ass that gets him off while Saint brings De Leon to release. The tops pull out of the exhausted bottoms and work their own cocks until they both shoot.

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