Verboten 1

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Video Description: New Exclusive tough guy Dilon Crow sits shackled, making him easy prey for rugged sex pigs Dak Ramsey and Trey Casteel. The two studs approach Crow and rough him up by spitting on him and making gag on Ramsey's extra large cock. Casteel and Ramsey pull out a roll of celophane and wrap it around Crow's head, turning him into a cock-sucking slave. The wild tops turn their attention to Crow's giant bubble-butt, lubing it up with spit and shoving their paws deep in his hole. Ramsey takes charge of Crow's fat pierced cock, expertly taking the whole thing and both his balls into his warm mouth. Casteel grabs Crow and throws him on a bench, taking his ass. While Crow sucks Ramsey's cock Casteel pounds his hole, thrusting his entire cock in and out of Crow like a jackhammer. They spin Crow around so Ramsey can take his turn man-ramming Crow's big hungry ass. The two tops take turns mercilessly fucking Crow's ass and mouth at the same time. Casteel blows a fat juicy load all over Crow's tattooed torso, followed by Ramsey. Crow works his own thick load out, adding his cum to the puddle on his tight stromach.

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