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Video Description: Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Tyler and immediately put him to work on Collack's tool. Tyler sucks cock like his life depends on it while Alencar probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Alencar mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Tyler's hole while Collack silences Tyler's cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. Next the harness-wearing Masters throw Tyler down and switch places allowing Alencar to feed Tyler his cock while Collack plows Tyler's ass. The sight of Collack's chiseled ass proves too much for Alencar so he moves behind him and shoves his 11' cock in his hole. While he's being punished from behind Collack rips open Tyler's leather codpiece and begins sucking his cock. Tyler takes matters into his own hand and blows his load all over Collack's face. Collack gets his revenge by showering Tyler in cum, shortly followed by Alencar who pumps his monster and releases on Tyler's chest and face.

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