Verboten 2

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Video Description: 'Heads or tails?' asks Vinnie D'Angelo when he and Matthew Ford find Dominic Sol prone and ready on a bench in the Verboten sex club. Ford calls head and shoves his fat cock into Sol's hungry mouth while D'Angelo goes to work on Sol's fat round ass. Sol deep throats Ford while D'Angelo eats Sol's ass, preparing him for a major anal invasion. The top men flip Sol around, allowing D'Angelo to get his huge tool worked over while Ford power-fucks Sol's ass. D'Angelo moves around to get a better look at the ass-fucking action and shoves his fat fingers into Sol's ass next to Ford's cock. Next D'Angelo pushes Ford out of the way and mounts Sol, shoving his cock deep into his ass. He rides him hard then lays on his back, allowing Sol to bounce on his fat rod. D'Angelo sits on Sol's face, jacking off while Sol rim's his ass. All three men work their cocks into a frenzy, finally blowing their loads all over each other's sweaty bodies.

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