Trunks 1

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Video Description: Fredrick Ford spies Alex Fuerte and Ricky Martinez fooling around on a raft. Ford's powerful abs seem to summon the two Latin lovers poolside. Fuerte starts sucking on Ford, then moves to Martinez's infamous chorizo -- it's huge! The threesome gets hotter with a rim-job daisy chain that leads naturally into an Alex Fuerte sandwich. Fuerte swallows as much of Martinez as he can without choking while Ford takes liberties with Fuerte's ass. In a stunning balancing act, Ford fucks Fuerte on a table while Martinez, straddling Fuerte, face-fucks Ford. Ford shoots his load on Fuerte's round ass cheek and Martinez drenches Ford's face and chest. The threesome doesn't stop there, however and the guys take their act to bed. Fuerte's ass again leads the pack, with Ford in the middle and Martinez in his rear. No scene is complete without Martinez's self-suck party trick and Ford and Fuerte seem as engrossed as Martinez is. The group drench finally themselves in a cum bath worth every stroke.

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