Trunks 2

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Video Description: There's nothing hotter than the sight of Brad Patton's monster meat stuffed into a yellow Speedo. Well, actually there is something hotter - for instance, when the Speedo comes off and the unreal cock comes jumping out. It's simply the most astonishing cock in the business today; but it's also attached to the sexiest blonde Goliath (Brad's an ice speedskater - the legs and ass are as big as they come!) Sexy newcomer Matt Cole is the perfect match for Brad and their performance in this final scene is so over-the-top passionate it's gotta be seen to be believed! The camera just loves covering these two bodies - especially when Matt rolls back on his shoulders for Brad to feast on his hole. After teasing his hole with his tongue, Brad soon moves to the task at hand: stuffing his giant club into Matt's juicy hole. Brad absolutely fucks the living daylights out of him - prompting us to promote Matt to the title of Hot House Powerbottom. This scene has to be one of the most scorching pairings we've ever shot! After fucking the entire afternoon away, these two dogs in heat dump their loads. TRUNKS 2 ends with Cole in the shower, completely spent, lost in the thought that there'd never be another fuck like that again...

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