Trunks 2

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Video Description: The parade of king-sized cocks continues in Scene 4 as Justin Gemini strokes his 11-incher right into the camera. This young pup has got - no joke - the biggest piece in porn...remember it in MISCHIEF? Three other guests of the La Posada Resort (Alex Collack, Omer, and Trey Casteel) stumble upon it and quickly move in like vultures. Collack whips out his huge uncut Russian prick which prompts bottom boys Omer and Casteel to drop to their knees and worship the two giant cocks on display. They slurp up and down the lengthy tools, spit trailing from their tongues, and beat their own meat raging between their thighs. The scene is a cocksucker's dream as Omer, a 19 year old fresh-faced angel, struggles to keep from gagging on the nearly foot-long cock of Justin; meanwhile, Casteel can't open his mouth wide enough to get all of Collack's swollen shaft in his mouth. The two bottoms hike their asses up on a table and present their sweaty assholes to the two tops. Alex and Justin drive right up their cracks and begin to ferociously fuck the studs. The spunk begins to fly as the four men unload themselves and finally start to relax.

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