Trunks 2

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Video Description: Hot House Man Matt Cole made his debut in our last smash hit, At Your Service, and we've been flooded with fan mail ever since! This superhung stud stands at a whopping 6' 1, has moviestar gorgeous looks, and is destined to be newcomer of the year. In Scene 1 Matt teams up with Jason Kingsley who's pulling on the 9.5 inch erection poking out of his blue Speedo. Before you can say lickety split, Matt jumps out of the pool, stuffs the fat piece in his mouth, and begins to suck. Jason slides his hand down Matt's back and into his Speedo, working a moistened finger in his butt hole to prime him for pumping. After putting Matt on all fours, Jason pulls behind him to bathe his hole with spit, then rams his dick right up his asshole and begins to fuck. The two studs drip with perspiration from the blazing California sun as Jason continues to blister Matt's tight chute. Unable to contain himself, the pair flip positions so that Jason can put his gigantic bubble butt into action. He squats down on all 9 inches of Matt's beauty of a cock and begins to ride. This is the stuff fantasies are made of: 2 unbelievably hot, beefy men with huge cocks and big round asses fucking and grunting in the desert heat until they shoot their loads!

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