True Stories

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Video Description: After waking with a boner, Baxter rolls over and starts caressing Andrews' body. Andrew wakes up and pulls his lover into a smoldering 'good morning' kiss before Baxter slides down Andrew's body to feast on his morning wood. Andrews then turns over and offers his ass, which Baxter readily licks clean with his tongue. Next they move into a 69 rimming position, tonguing each other's holes with sensual abandon. Baxter is the first to take topping duties, as he moves in behind Andrews and slides his ready prick into his bud's hole. Then it's Andrews' turn to top as he bones his boyfriend with a ferocity that escalates as he goes along. Andrews is so turned on that he pulls out and shoots on Baxter's gorgeous ass. But Baxter is far from satisfied, and after Andrews heads off to take a shower, he pulls out his favorite dildo-a mammoth rubber dong that he sits down on while stroking himself toward his own juicy finish.

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