True Stories

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Video Description: After waking from a hot dream, blond muscle stud Dave Logan stumbles into the living room and finds hunky new roommate Devyn Foster slumbering away on the couch with a raging boner. He wakes up and encourages Logan, prompting him to pull down the front of Foster's briefs to suck his fat hard-on. The two men kiss, then rub their cocks together until Foster decides he needs to get a taste of Logan's prick. Logan licks his way down Foster's back, then darts his tongue in and out of his hole to moisten the hole good. The boys then work themselves into a 69 position, with Foster eventually taking control and standing up so that he can feed his cock down into Logan's eager mouth. Then Foster really breaks his new roomie in when he slides his cock up inside Logan's ass and starts fucking away while Logan jerks himself off. Foster then pulls out of Logan's hole and both men shoot big loads on the blond stud's smooth abs before they fall into a passionate kiss.

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