True Stories

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Video Description: Scott Baldwin manages to use the wrong color paint on Max Grand's walls and spills it all over Grand as well. This gives Grand the perfect opportunity to get out of his stuffy work suit-and gives Baldwin the perfect opportunity to follow him into the bathroom. Baldwin is more than happy to make up for his mistakes by servicing Grand's cock and Grand is more than happy to turn Baldwin around so he can have a taste of the paint boy's smooth bubble butt. He spreads Baldwin's cheeks and shoves his tongue all the way in. All this ass-eating gets Grand's butt twitching and he begs Baldwin to screw him. Jumping out of the tub, Grand pulls Baldwin over his knee and delivers a spanking to the clumsy painter, then makes Baldwin sit on his face while he jerks off. Once he shoots his load, he services Baldwin's balls until they spurt.

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