Tough Stuff

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Video Description: Vinnie D'Angelo and Arpad Miklos are cleaning up for the day when laborer Jessie Balboa comes in to drop off a carpet. With one nod from crew boss D'Angelo, Miklos grabs Balboa and shoves his hot, wet mouth onto his massive meat. D'Angelo steps up for some attention, shoving his cock into Balboa's hungry mouth. The two top men take turns feeding Balboa all the cock he can eat. D'Angelo cannot resist Balboa's big bubble-butt so he orders him to a nearby file cabinet where Miklos fucks Balboa's face while D'Angelo goes in on his ass. D'Angelo forces his cock deep inside Balboa until the worn out bottom keeps trying to escape. Miklos refuses to let him go and takes his turn power-fucking his ass. Finally the tops stand over Balboa and jack off until they cover his face with their hot white cum.

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