Tough Stuff

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Video Description: Workmen Francesco D'Macho and Tyler Saint are moving heavy equipment into a newly remodeled kitchen. While D'Macho hooks up the stove, Saint gets to work in his own piece of hardware - his fat 10+ inch cock. D'Macho pull out his own fat, uncut monster and the two men compare tools. D'Macho falls to his knees and begins to suck Saint's cock. Saint returns the favor and takes on D'Macho's cock, chewing on the foreskin and sucking him to the base. The studs stip naked and D'Macho offers his hairy ass up to Saint for a good licking and rimming. Once his ass is slippery with spit Saint stands up and plows D'Macho like a pro. Saint has D'Macho on his knees and on his back, ramming his gigantic cock into D'Macho's ass until they both get a nut.

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