To the Max

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Video Description: Eric Evans gives Brent Banes a lesson in lust in between sets. Banes swallows Evans' sweet sausage, then demands a little reciprocation. When Evans has gotten his fill, he bends Banes over a weight bench. At first he eats his eager ass, then moves his fingers in to pry open the hole for his cock. The pounding comes quick and deep as the fur-covered top jams Banes' hole full of his barbell-like cock. Mark Pulver must have heard the groaning -- he arrives on scene just in time to stuff Banes' face. Evans gives Banes' ass a break and goes after Pulver (who's feasting on Banes' cock) with a big black dildo. After loosening up the muscle daddy, Evans jams in his cock and rides him hard. Evans's two willing bottoms take both ends of a double-sided dildo and push it until their assholes nearly kiss. Evans cums on their asses while Banes and Pulver shoots ropes of sticky jism.

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