The Road To Temptation

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Video Description: Next morning, Corbin steps out to the pool for a swim but he stumbles on Zackary, Chad and Joshua already there skinny-dipping. The four boys pile up on an air mattress and begin munching on the closest dick or big round butt they can get their tongue on. They move up onto the deck and continue the wet oral action with Joshua servicing Corbin's fat dick and Zackary devouring Chad's big prick. Thomas and Adams both lie down and watch as Pierce and Michaels sit down on their open mouths, sticking their big dicks down their throats for some side-by-side 69'ing. Thomas and Adams move back and forth between sucking their buddies dicks, balls, and buttholes. Next Joshua and Chad stand and bend over facing each other with their hungry butts stuck up in the air ready to fuck. Corbin pulls up behind Chad and parks his dick inside while Zackary mounts Joshua. The two begin to screw Chad and Joshua who suck face while their greedy buttholes get worked over under the blazing hot sun. The cumshots are big and heavy and are guaranteed to leave you spent and satisfied.

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