The Road To Hopeful

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Video Description: Flashback images of Beau Saxon carefully preparing a romantic dinner set the tone for Scene Two. When the action changes to Scott Russel sitting in a public restroom staring through a glory hole, it becomes clear what's on his menu - Cliff Parker. Parker approaches the glory hole and shoves his huge, throbbing cock through and into Russel's hot mouth. Russel wastes no time turning around and offering his ass through the hole, which Parker hungrily devours. Russel's ass is drenched in spit and begging for more, so Parker stands up and fucks him hard. Cruz Lennox comes in to piss and sees Parker pounding a big ass through the hole and bends down to taste Parker's huge, muscular butt. When Russel leaves, Lennox turns around and gets jack-hammered and manhandled by Parker next to the dirty urinals. Parker showers Lennox with hot spew making this some of the raunchiest rest area action ever captured on video!

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