The Road Home

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Video Description: After taking a bath in bleach to try and cleanse himself of his 'sins,' Gibbs makes his way to the local church, where he confesses his sins to the local priest (played by porn superstar Ryan Idol!) While Gibbs relays the stories of his previous encounters, Idol opens his robe to reveal his legendary prick and begins to stroke himself off. In no time, he shoots a load onto his leg, groaning out loud as Gibbs wonders what is going on. Composing himself, Father Idol tells Gibbs, 'Remember, my son, God loves all His children, in all shapes and forms.' After returning to his aunt's farmhouse, Gibbs learns a shocking secret when she reveals that Gibbs' father was gay and once had a male lover who now lives on a farm further west. Wanting to learn all that he can about his late father, Gibbs takes to the road again

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