The Road Home

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Video Description: As Todd hitchhikes toward home, Matt Bradshaw picks him up in a beat up old truck. Bradshaw announces 'this heat makes me horny, we're not going anywhere until I get off...' He begins to stroke his cock as Gibbs watches, and then adds, 'This would go a lot faster if you would help me out.' At first hesitant, Gibbs obliges, wrapping his hand around Bradshaw's thick tool and tugging on it as Bradshaw coaches him on and pinches his own nipples. 'That's good,' Bradshaw moans as Gibbs pulls on his pud. Gibbs strokes him to a spurting conclusion of white-hot cum landing on his stomach and Gibbs' still-pumping hand. Sated, Bradshaw zips up and the two head back out on the road ending up at the home of Calvin's aunt, who reveals the details of his heritage. Turns out they're cousins! 'I wonder where that boy is...' she says, calling out for Bradshaw.

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