The Road Home

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Video Description: After leaving the orphanage and hopping a Greyhound to the small town of Hopeful, redheaded Todd Gibbs heads to the county recorder's office to dig up his adoption records. But when Beau Saxon tells him the records are sealed and not open to public viewing, Gibbs works his stud-boy charm to convince Saxon otherwise. In moments, the two men are undressing each other while they kiss passionately before Saxon drops to his knees to service Gibbs' thick, veiny tool. Using both his hand and his mouth, Saxon works himself up and down the length of Gibbs' shaft, pausing only to bat it around a bit with his hand. Then Saxon turns Gibbs around, and slides his cock up the hot redhead's ass. Gibbs receives Saxon willingly, stroking his cock while he gets pummeled from behind. After flipping over to lay on his back on top of a desk, Gibbs looks up into Saxon's eyes as the county employee continues to work his ass over. Saxon grabs onto Gibbs' cock and begins to stroke him. 'You're gonna make me cum,' Gibbs announces, firing off several rounds of white jizz that lands on his smooth, rockhard stomach. Saxon is quick to follow, pulling out and squirting his load onto Gibbs' sixpack with a smile on his face. Later, as Gibbs heads down the road with the records he came for, Saxon enjoys an after-sex doughnut.

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