The Missing

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Video Description: Marco Paris walks into a holding pen and places his boot on the back of hogtied Jed Willcox; in the background Matt Majors feeds his incredibly fat club through the bars of a cage to Martin Mazza's eager mouth. Mazza repeatedly gags from the girth of the monster meat but never lets up. Marco pulls out his rock hard dick and presents it to Jed for immediate service. The cocksucker grinds his crotch on the ground, his hot muscle ass writhing in the air as he worships his master's dick. Majors grabs his slave out of the cage and pushes him onto the floor for immediate mounting, driving Mazza's asshole with a Herculean savageness. Meanwhile, Willcox hikes his ass in the air, puts his chin to the ground, and pushes his hole out for Paris to rim and plow. Next, the four lie on their sides and train fuck - a twisted tangle of assholes stuffed with huge cocks pointed toward the camera. After a double reverse cowboy, Roca rolls back on his neck, pointing his hole straight up. The men line up to tag team the waiting hole, dipping their dicks in and causing Roca to shower his load onto his face. The others soon follow, completely coating the used stud with jizz.

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