The Hard Way

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Video Description: In the sixth bonus scene, Hot House Exclusive Kent North unlocks Rik Jammer from his prison cell. Kent pries his hole wide open with his tongue and fingers while Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack looks on hungrily from another cell. Kent eventually lets him free to join in on the butt-busting session. They form a daisy chain, Kent bringing up Alex's impossibly hungry, unstoppable rear with a thick dildo until a rosebud blooms. Next the two prisoners have Kent on the table and Rik works over his hole with another massive latex cock. Still hungry for more, Kent lowers himself on Rik's entire fist. Alex's ass finds its place on Rik's other fist, as the shaved-head stud punch-fucks them both simultaneously. Before their session is over, Rik gets his ass fisted, too, and the scene ends with the three studs working healthy loads out of one another.

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