The Hard Way

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Video Description: At a sleazy bar, Hot House favorites Troy Punk and Jon Galt run into each other and can barely keep their hands off each other's muscular, hairy bodies. Standing beside each other, they rip off each other's jeans and both their turgid cocks slap up against each other: as they begin to kiss, their cocks look like they're fighting. After eating his round, fleshy ass, Jon backs his own ass up onto Troy's willing cock. The two are joined by skilled powerbottom Carlos Morales. Jon and Troy are quick to fill Carlos up: Troy in his mouth, Jon with his fingers then cock in his ass. Jon shoots on Carlos' muscular ass and back and greedily laps his hefty load up with his hungry mouth. Carlos, his ass still hungry, gets up on the bar and spreads his legs for Troy, who works him over with two massive dildos until he works himself to climax.

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