The Hard Way

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Video Description: In the first scene, we meet gorgeous newcomer and Hot House Exclusive Alex Fuerte, who's shooting pool with Shane Rollins. Shane reaches over the table for a shot and that's all Alex needs to get the action going. In no time, the stud's pants are around his ankles while Alex goes to town on his smooth ass. Shane and his puckering manhole are begging for more of Alex's face but Alex would rather suck on his fantastically wide cock and low-hanging balls. Now it's Shane's turn to inhale Alex's long, uncut piece. Eagerly and sloppily trying to jam the entire monster down his hungry throat, he finally gives up knowing there's one other hole that he'd rather have Alex bury his bone in. After being plowed real good, Alex gives it up for Shane as he's propped up on the pool table. After some long, hard insertions, the two finally cum and collapse on each other.

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