Sure Thing

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Video Description: Alone and horny, Kurt Stefano decides to invade his roommate's porn collection. He immediately strips down and begins to stroke and hump the bed. He rolls over to blow his load and passes out. Awakened by the sound of his roommate and a buddy returning home, he hides under the bed. Bruce Matthews and Shane Rockland strip out of their clothes and begin to wrestle. Matthews discovers Stefano under the bed and thrusts him to suck Rockland's huge uncut cock while he eats his ass. Rockland turns Stefano over and fucks his face with his gigantic meat while Matthews sucks Stefano's cock and primes his ass. Matthews is first to fuck Stefano and all three blow their loads. Then Rockland takes over, fucking Stefano while he sucks Matthew cock. Rockland shoots another huge load!

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