Skuff 1: Downright Dirty

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Video Description: In Scene One, Hot House power-bottom Kyle McKenna delivers the performance of his career as the 'guy with the FUCK HERE underwear.' Master Kyle Reardon drags McKenna from his cell and delivers an intense ass-beating that turns McKenna's world-class butt bright red. After eating out McKenna's rosy hole, Reardon makes him suck his dick. McKenna sucks Reardon's dick and his own thumb, which he then shoves up his ass in preparation for Reardon's fat cock. Reardon pumps McKenna until they both cum. Ready for more, Master Reardon tests McKenna's sphincter with a gigantic strap-on cock. McKenna rides the huge faux phallus until he blows another load, followed by Reardon who drenches McKenna in a second load of burning hot spew.

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