Skuff 3: Downright Wrong

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Video Description: Hot House Exclusive Kirk Ziegler barks at Troy Punk to get on his knees and worship his cock. Troy pulls his uncut meat out of his leather pants and drives his face down onto the musky scented meat. Kirk pumps his face, grinding his hips forward, forcing every inch into the back of his open mouth. Next Kirk falls to his knees and works on Troy's stiff prick, rotating his head left and right around the head of his knob. Troy falls forward onto all fours and presents his perfect round bubble-butt up for rimming. Kirk grabs Troy's cock back and yanks on it while he eats out his muscle hole. Then he presses the head of his dick on his butthole which opens up to swallow Kirk's big prick. Ziegler fucks him like a dog, forcing Punk to howl with each thrust. Next he flips him over on his back with his booted legs in the air so he can nail him really deep. The two grind and grunt until they pop off all over Troy's hairy stomach.

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