Skuff 3: Downright Wrong

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Video Description: Scene 2 begins with our 6'2, 220 lb. Hot House Exclusive Alex Fuerte blindfolded and restrained to a chain web. His master (Marcos David) steps forward with a riding crop and begins to whip him across his face and chest. Marcos drops to his knees to pleasure his Sub a moment, pulling back his leather jock to suck on his mammoth Latin cock. He flicks his tongue deep into the hood of the foreskin, desperate to find the pockets of sweat inside it. Next he releases Alex from his restraints so he can spin him around and taste the inside of Alex's huge, round muscle butt. Now that he's free, Alex bends Marcos over to take control of his hole and begins to fuck him unmercifully; but not for long. Marcos takes the lead back and flips Alex onto his back and drills him so hard the bench looks like it'll collapse at any moment. The two studs fuck like animals at midnight and shoot their loads together at the same time.

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