Skuff 3: Downright Wrong

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Video Description: Scene 4 opens with the tongue of Hot House Exclusive Enzo Grimaldi polishing the boots of Arpad Miklos. Arpad orders the slut to continue licking and he obliges, flicking his tongue higher and higher up Arpad's leg to the leather pouch of his jock. He orders Enzo to spit on his crotch and lick with long licks. Then he pulls out his huge straight shaft for the slave to worship. He greedily slobbers all over the tool and sucks it down to the musky base. Arpad orders Enzo to present his hairy butt for inspection and then begins to rim it out. Arpad's long tongue greedily darts in and out of the crack getting it moist and ready. He mounts the stud from behind and begins to drive, grabbing onto Enzo's harness so he can't pull away from the huge slab of cock pumping in and out of him. They move to a sling where Enzo lays back to present his hole to his master who enters him and begins the final assault on his ass. Arpad fucks him faster and harder, perspiration flying from his forehead, as he gathers up a load in his nuts that comes flying out onto Enzo's stomach. Enzo drops to his knees, unloads onto his master's boot, then leans down to lick clean the sticky spooge.

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