Skuff 3: Downright Wrong

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Video Description: Christoph Scharff wanders into the club and joins big-dicked Jason Kingsley and Thom Barron in the middle of some major cock-sucking. These pricks are huge and aren't for the minor league players. Jason bends over to get all of Thom's 10-inch club into his mouth and reveals his huge, white, bubbly ass literally exploding out of a pair of latex chaps. He bends over to let Christoph fuck him with his cock while he continues to gorge his mouth on Thom's dick. The sweat starts to pour as they drive harder and faster. Next, Christoph rolls onto his back to take a return pounding from Jason's 10-incher who promptly fucks the first load out of Christoph. Thom then forces Christoph up and over so he can screw his beautiful white ass. With Jason's cock buried deep in his throat, Christoph can't do anything but moan deep with pleasure. Finally it's time for Thom to get taken and Jason pulls up behind him to fuck him good, opening his hole up for a giant red, ribbed dildo. Thom squats on it, taking a good 10 inches of it in his giant hole. The three continue to jack until they each spew their payload in their hands, bring it to their hungry mouths, and lick their fingers clean.

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