Skuff 2: Downright Filthy

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Video Description: Scene two takes place in a graffiti covered alley, where innocent newcomer Cody Scott sits in a corner. Fed up with the bums and losers filling his city streets, Joe Foster (GAYVN Performer of the Year) decides to teach this one a lesson. The two begin to fight but Scott proves to be no match for muscle-boy Foster, who overpowers Scott and makes him suck his now rock hard cock. 'I'm not a cocksucker' cries Scott, but Foster proves him wrong. Foster sheds his street clothes, revealing a hot lean body and a perfect ass. He puts Scott to the ground and sits on his face, shoving his big cock deep into Scott's hungry throat. Finally, Foster sits on a fire hydrant and pulls Scott down onto his cock. Scott rides it until Foster throws him on the ground and stands over him, covering him with loads of hot cum.

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