Screw 2: Cut To The Chase

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Video Description: Zachary Pierce, the hot boy in coat check you always wanted to fuck, hops over the counter and grabs Tag Adams after he forgets to tip him. Tag immediately invites him to work on his dick for a tip. Zachary shows off some expert cocksmanship as he slobbers up and down on Tag's cock; but he also has a big surprise in store for the cocky club kid. Bending Tag over, he buries his face into Tag's pink hole in preparation for his nine-inch Italian dick that promptly gets stuck up Tag's waiting fuck chute. This is the kind of screw you always dream about: old-fashioned, fast-slamming, no-mercy butt-slaying. Then Zachary does the unthinkable and uses Tag's mouth for some unbelievably filthy ass-to-mouth action! He pulls his cock out of Tag's hole and sticks it straight into Tag's hungry mouth. Tag is only too happy to eat the meat that's dripping with his own butt juice. Then he dunks it back into Tag's ass to coat it again before plunging it right into the back of his tonsils. Hey! Don't cum just've got four more scorching scenes to get through first!

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