Screw 2: Cut To The Chase

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Video Description: Horse-dicked Latin sensation Tony Serrano walks right up to coverman Fernando Montana, drops to his knees and pulls out the huge - we're talking HUGE - uncut piece from his jeans. Tony just gets started slobbering on Montana's meat but he's soon interrupted by the entrance of Kent Larson, the tower of power coverman from Screw: Right to the point. Tony immediately calls him over and orders him to show his hole. Serrano pulls apart the two huge butt cheeks and reveals Kent's hot, sweaty moist pink hole and dives in with his tongue. Larson's primed now and ready for the tag team session that quickly follows. Wait 'till you get a load of that big hoss bent over with his butt hiked up and waiting to receive! The camera work gets you right into the action, so close you can practically see the steam rising out of his overheating screw hole. A sweaty fuckathon ensues as Tony and Fernando gang up on the stud who tries to push back the monster dicks from getting too far up in his gut; but it's no use. Tony and Fernando mercilessly fuck this stud DOWN!

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