Screw 1: Right To The Point

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Video Description: Tag Adams has no idea what kind of trouble he's about to find when not one but two big-dicked Hispanic boys (Mario Ortiz and Rick Gonzales) approach looking for service. If you like your meat big and brown (and we mean BIG), this filthy three-way will leave you breathless. Adams is immediately put to work on his knees as the two tag team his mouth with their giant pingas. We're still trying to figure out how he fit both of their cocks in his mouth at the same time! Mario and Rick really get off on hearing the little white boy gag on their horsecocks. Unable to hold off any longer, Mario shoots a big spray of white jizz all over the black floor. Then Gonzales decides he wants Tag all to himself. He orders Mario to get the fuck away from 'his bitch,' then begins to punish-fuck Tag. The camera takes you from position to position until Tag is rolled back onto his neck with his butt straight up in the air. On a scale of 1-10, this fuck's a 15! Gonzales shoots the biggest, thickest white load onto his upturned white ass, causing Tag to dump straight into his own open mouth. Order the Two Disc Set from and you'll get the filthy scene continuation where Tag's cum-covered face and butt gets hosed off in a watersport scene that's so wrong it's right to the point.

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