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Video Description: Gay Games Gold Medalist Trent Atkins leads the cast of Hot House Hunks as a young man visiting a Los Angeles sex club for the first time. The guys in the club immediately lust after Atkins, often making false assumptions about his innocent all-American looks. In Scene One Atkins proves there's more to him than meets the eye when he meets chiseled, hung hunk Adam Wolfe and begins to slowly worship Wolfe's giant cock. As instructed, Atkins alternately sticks his fingers in his own ass, then in his mouth. 'Do you like the taste of that ass, boy?' asks Wolfe. The action moves to a nearby sling where Wolfe fingers and massages Atkins' hot ass until it twitches. In his most athletic performance since Sydney, Atkins takes a giant dildo and then Wolfe's fat, throbbing cock to the base.

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