Raw Material

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Video Description: Rick Mathews is on the street putting flyers up before two hoodlums (Sean Dickson and Kurt Houston) chase him into an abandoned warehouse. They force him to his knees and take turns raping his mouth with their extra-fat cocks. Mathews does his best but can't get all of them into his mouth. Dickson bends Mathews over and starts to finger his virgin hole before replacing his fingers with his cock. Mathews' cries are muffled by Houston's big dick in his throat. Dickson and Houston then tie Mathews to a pole and gag him. They make him watch as Houston bends Dickson over and fucks him, then flips him over and fucks him some more. 'You like that, little boy?' Dickson taunts Mathews, who can only look on in agony. Houston pulls out of Dickson and shoots a load onto him then licks his buddy's balls while he jerks off so that he, too, can squirt out some cock-milk. They leave Mathews tied to the fence and walk out leaving the stud desperate for release.

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