Randall O'Reilly And Wolfie Blue

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Video Description: Randall and Wolfie make their Hot House debut and they do it LIVE - which is no easy feat. Luckily they're both very interesting and talkative, which makes for a good show. It doesn't hurt that Wolfie can't keep his hands of his big uncut cock, growing in his shorts. Wolfie puts an end to the conversation when he pulls down Randall's shorts and starts sucking his cock. Randall returns the favor, slurping down Woflie's German sausage. The flip-flop cock sucking continues until Wolfie turns his attention to Randall's big bubble butt and it becomes clear who's going to fuck whom. Wolfie shoves his cock in Randall's hole then pulls out and lies back on the bench so Randall can ride his big meat. Randall gives us a wild reverse cowboy that has Wolfie blowing his load in no time.

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