Ram Tough

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Video Description: House painters Alex Fuerte, Arpad Miklos and Jason Kingsley drop their brushes and grab their cocks in a manly competition to see who has the bigger dick. It's hard to tell so they all take turns jacking each other off and pulling on their own fat cocks. Miklos opens wide to take Kingsley's giant uncut cock to the base, while Fuerte falls to his knees to suck on Miklos' huge tool. The train changes course when the action switches to ass-eating. The teamwork continues when Kingsley thrust-fucks Fuerte's primed, dripping ass while Fuerte sucks, licks and slimes Miklos' huge tool. Miklos and Kingsley switch holes, leaving Fuerte in the middle. Miklos throws all 210 pounds of rock hard muscle and 11 inches of cock deep into Fuerte's ass. Despite the forceful fucking, Fuerte never takes his full lips off of Kingsley's thick, fat man meat. Being the center of attention, Fuerte ends up on his knees with his two giant work mates pounding their colossal cocks in his face. They cover Fuerte in cum, which he quickly adds to with his own white-hot load.

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