Ram Tough

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Video Description: Sexy Jason Hawke doesn't seem to notice that his co-worker Corbin Michaels is on his lunch break. When he asks the horse-hung boy-next-door Michaels for a hand, Michaels tells him to get his lips on his cock instead. Hawke rises to the challenge and deep throats Corbin's fat cock, which gets them both rock hard. Michaels is unable to resist his co-workers long, perfect cock and falls to his knees to suck him off. This gets both of them hot, sweaty, and ready for more so Michaels slips his fat cock into Hawke's fat round ass. Hawke takes it like a man, but when he's had enough, he throws Michaels over and pumps his ass with his long, perfect cock. His jumbo man meat hits the spot and they fuck all over the scaffolding in a heated, sweaty fuck-a-thon. Hawke is the first one to explode, quickly followed by Michaels, who blows his load all over his own chiseled torso.

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