Ram Tough

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Video Description: Kent Larson is trying to get an accurate measurement in the tool and die. Horse-hung Jason Kingsley shows him what 10 inches looks like, hauling out his thickly veined, meaty cock. Larson falls to his knees and deep throats Kingsley's cock like a pro. They explore each other's bodies with their greedy mouths - both men are over 6 feet tall, built and have incredible asses. Larson throws Kingsley on his back to eat his hole, which drives Kingsley crazy and gets his cock so hard, it surpasses the 10-inches he promised. Larson lowers his rock-hard, golden globes over Kingsley's face for some reciprocation and Kingsley is happy to oblige. All of this ass eating gets Larson primed to take Kingsley's huge cock. Kingsley fucks Larson like a true master of his trade, using every inch of his massive meat to pummel Larson's incredible ass. Kingsley has a fat round ass that craves attention too, and Larson is the man for the job! Both men shoot giant loads by the end of the work day.

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