Perfect Fit

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Video Description: Hot House makes the DVD extras you get off to again and again! Perfect Fit comes with a second Bonus Disc you just gotta have in your collection! First off there's STROKE, the next installment of our solo mini-movie series, with the legendary Aiden Shaw jacking his thick tool for you and you alone. Then, for all you cum-hungry whores, we've edited a special quick-cut Cumshot Compilation that's sure to have your mouth watering. There's also the gigantic Model and Action Galleries with over 200 scorching hot images Hot House is famous for! Die-Hard Aiden Shaw Fans (and who isn't?) are in for the treat of a lifetime with the 20-minute special Aiden Shaw Interview and Retrospective. Legendary Hot House Director Steven Scarborough interviews Aiden about everything - his start in the business, the kind of men that turn him on, his near-death auto accident, and even his personal views of today's young people. Intercut with interview footage from ten years ago and tons of sizzling footage from our vaults, this valuable retrospective will help you understand more about Aiden, the star we all love the most.

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