Perfect Fit

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Video Description: Meanwhile... Scene Three unfolds downstairs in the warehouse as Adam's humpy coworkers arrive for duty. Todd Maxwell decides to help Luis Vega unload by going down on him, taking his long, fat Latin dick to the base. Built, hung newcomer Hal Rodman gets in on the action, smacking Maxwell in the face with his colossal cock. Being a full-service stud, Maxwell offers both holes to his coworkers for their use. After Vega blows his load, Rodman throws Maxwell onto the bed of his truck and fucks him first in his rugged, hairy face then in his fine huge ass. As he sits on the toolbox in the back of his truck, Rodman works his giant tool until he pumps gallons of hot cum all over Maxwell. You won't believe the load that sprays out of this world-class cock!

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