Perfect Fit

Video Description: We join Aiden Shaw in his mind, furiously pounding his legendary rock-hard cock. As he begins to shoot his load, Shaw suddenly realizes he's in the back of a sleazy video arcade spraying his spunk on cock-hungry Mario Ortiz. Shaw pushes Ortiz away and quickly zips his pants and leaves. The other guys in the club descend on the cum-soaked Ortiz and continue the action. Peterbuilt Bo Knight swaps blowjobs with Ortiz until Matt Colmar and Jake Summers join them. Knight teases Summers' ass with his hard cock while Ortiz shoves his fat Latin cock deep down Colmar's throat. The scene turns into a sweaty orgy where all four hedonistic sex pigs kiss, lick, suck, rim, probe and fuck each other down and dirty, covering Colmar's pretty round ass with hot, dripping loads.

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