Pack Attack 3: C.J. Knight

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Video Description: Broken up into two smaller groups, the Pack continues to fuck. Knight finds himself servicing Barrett Long while nasty top Rod Barry fucks his ass. Long takes over and drives his mammoth jackhammer deep into Knight's ass. Barry and Long call 'tag team' and take turns pummeling Knight. Meanwhile, Jed Willcox has surrendered his hole to Chad Hunt and Jude Collin. The players switch sides and Collin moves over to fuck Knight. The rest of the men line up, cocks standing at attention and looking to plunge Knight's muscle-butt. Each member of the Pack gets in one final good fuck. Finally Knight sits on the floor, anxious to receive a load out of each of the men. They all stand around and jack off until they blow a load on bottom-boy Knight. Now dripping with cum, Knight pulls his own formidable cock out and jerks off, adding his own hot load to the puddle on his stomach.

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