Pack Attack 3: C.J. Knight

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Video Description: Eventually the pack turns the tables on boss-man Hunt and throws him down to fuck his face. Knight continues to worship Hunt's cock while the men line up to punish Hunt. The focus returns to Knight who assumes his place, surrounded by throbbing cocks. Willcox primes Knight's ass with spit while the power-tops push Knight's cocksucking skills to the limit. The men flip Knight over and take turns rimming his tight puckered hole. Horse-hung Chad Hunt steps up to take the first plunge into C.J. Knight's tight hole. Miraculously, Knight manages to take Hunt's tool to the base. Hunt pulls completely out and thrusts his cock all the way back in. The men watch and jack each other off, waiting their turn at fucking Knight's ass. Next up, Jed Willcox pounds Knight's ass.

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