Pack Attack 1: Kent North

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Video Description: Solo action reaches new levels in Scene 4 when cock-masters Ricky Martinez and Jason Crew show off their special talents. Martinez sits down and begins stroking his mammoth tool. With very little effort, he leans down and shoves the head of his cock into his own mouth. As his cock gets harder he is able to take more and more of it down his throat. Crew is by his side, laying on his back. After working his cock until it is semi-hard, he bends it around and fucks himself in the ass with it. Meanwhile, the gangbang continues with Frederick Ford being the first to step up and shove his cock into Kent North's pulsating ass. Martinez and Crew join the rest of the men as they stand in a pack, jacking off over North. They all take turns cumming huge globs of white jiz all over North who eventually blows his own load.

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