On The Mark

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Video Description: Studly cowboy Dex Weston reveals his fantasy of meeting a hot man on the beach-a fantasy that is then played out when he spies handsome Steve Maverick tossing a football around in the sand. The two end up back at Weston's place, where the real action begins with Maverick freeing Western's beautiful cock from beneath his shorts so he can suck on it. Grabbing onto the back of Maverick's head, Western guides his new boy toy up and down his tool, laying back to enjoy the view. But Weston's got other things on his mind, namely eating ass, and he strips Maverick down to a jockstrap so he can do just that. With Maverick lying on his stomach, Weston buries his tongue into the jock's lightly hairy bubble butt. Weston then lies on his back so Maverick can sit on his face, slobbering all over his hole in preparation for the fuck to come. Weston climbs on top of Maverick's ass and begins to ride him like a bull. Holding Maverick down, he pummels his prize possession like a champ at a rodeo. With a twinkle in his eye, the mischievous Maverick pulls out a double-ended dong and hands it to Weston, who obliges by pushing the massive rubber dildo into Maverick's lubed-up hole. Maverick loves every minute of it, accepting the ass-fucking with sheer aplomb. Next he flips onto his back so that Weston can suck him off, and he explodes with a massive load that rips from his slit while Weston greedily tongues his balls. Weston is close behind, shooting his own milk onto Weston before collapsing on top of his newfound friend.

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