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Video Description: Scene 5 opens with Marco Paris and Jed Willcox chasing each other around the lawn with giant Supersoakers. Marco finally tackles Jed to the ground and begins to make out with the furry-chested hunk. Within minutes the swim trunks come off and their hard cocks grind against each other as they hump in the summer grass. Marco spins around and the two 69, slurping on each other's fat meat. Next Jed hikes his ass up in the air for some unbelievably hot rimming from Marco's slobbering mouth (Marco's kind enough to reach between Jed's legs to jerk his fat prick while he sucks on his hole.) After the saliva bath, Marco stands up and mounts the young buck, thrusting his dick as fast as his big beefy butt can muster. The men hard fuck on the grass and, after breaking out into an unbelievable sweat, shoot hot creamy jizz on each other.

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