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Video Description: Superbod Alex Collack finds a spot on the lawn to grab some rays. He starts to rub his perfect chiseled muscles with suntan lotion, unaware that young Justin Gemini is watching him from the bushes. Justin comes over to Alex and begins to show off his enormous cock -- well over ten inches of shaft. Alex sucks the boy off for a minute then guides the kid down to his own fat uncut prick. Justin claims he's never done this before, but you'd never know it. He begins to suck cock like a blue-ribbon champion while his oversized shaft bounces up and down between his knees. The two lay on the grass to makeout with Justin's giant piece teasingly rubbing against the crack of Alex's hole. Alex quickly puts it out of sight up his ass and begins to ride; but the temptation to be the first inside the kid's virgin hole is too great and Collack soon bends him over and takes charge of his beautiful young ass with its creamy skin and deep hairless hole. After a lengthy sweaty screw session, the two unload their seed and collapse in a heap.

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