Manhunt 2

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Video Description: Marco Paris and Nick Marino leave the gym and thanks to Manhunt Mobile they are only a new message away from hooking up with Rafael Alencar. All three men are rock hard and ready when they walk through the door. Alencar's Anaconda is nearly ripping through his underwear and it takes both Paris and Marino to contain it. They fall to their knees and take turns slurping on it and slapping it in each other's face. Paris puts his ability to bottom to the test when he straddles Alencar and sits on his fat cock. Marino joins them, shoving Paris' cock up his ass, connecting the three of them in an awesome three-way fuck. Alencar shows no mercy when he pulls out of Paris and thrusts his cock all the way back in again in a series of repeated assaults on his ass.

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