Manhunt 2

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Video Description: Collin O'Neal is in such a hurry to get over to Antton Harri's place and tap his WorldClassAss, he forgets the door code he was given to get into the complex. A nosey neighbor who obviously is very familiar with (and Harri's Ass) lets him through the gate. Harri comes to the door wearing nothing but a pair of tightie whities and is pleased to see O'Neal is a hunk who appears to live up to his screen name, AllMan. O'Neal is barely in the door before he has Harri's fat, curved dick lodged down his throat. Harri returns the favor, working O'Neal's huge tool up to a full 9 inches. O'Neal loses himself in Harri's WorldClassAss, rimming, licking, poking and prodding the masterpiece. Unable to resist it any longer, O'Neal throws Harri over the arm of the sofa and plows his ass. They explore new positions that only seem to make O'Neal pound harder, go deeper and moan louder. Harri is the first to blow a thick load, followed by a spray of cum that could only fly out of O'Neal.

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